Saturday, April 13, 2013

Transfers - New Assistant

Dear Family,

Well this sure has been a crazy time. Last Thursday was the departing missionaries temple trip so we were up early. President Ashton called me at about 5:30 and said that he needed me to come in to the office for a little bit that day. Elder Woolstenhulme had another doctor's appointment and he received clearance to go to Brazil (thank you for your prayers). After that we went to the office and President sat me down and said, "The Lord wants you to be the new assistant". So Monday morning I dropped both my companions off at the office and joined the other two assistants. For this transfer there will be three of us. I am companions with Elder Woodland and we cover a Spanish area! I am very excited to be back Spanish. Our area borders Houston 8 which was my first area and I already know the area and many of the people. Elder Woolstenhulme flew to Brazil on Monday and then Monday night we were going crazy with transfers. On Tuesday I brought Elder Hillier to the airport along with all the other leaving missionaries and then we picked up the new ones. That was really fun. Wednesday morning, Elder Woodland and Elder Nottingham (the other two assistants) needed to finish up the slideshow for transfers, so they just put me in charge of conducting all the new missionary meetings. That was fun. I have no idea what is going on most of the time but I am excited to serve with these two. They are both incredible missionaries.

Our transfer meeting was insane. We created two new zones, had 23 incoming missionaries, and everyone in the mission except for about 15 missionaries were being transferred. This upcoming transfer we have 30 missionaries already plus however many visa waiters we end up receiving. This is Elder Woodland's last transfer. So he is my companion in the area and then Elder Nottingham covers the same area but in english. He has two companions. One is the District leader and the other is being trained while he waits for his visa to go to Brazil. So the five of us live in a 2 bed and 2 bath apartment. Elders Nottingham and Woodland and I all share a bedroom and bathroom and the other two have their own. It is quite the experience. 

President Ashton told me in my interview that he has known that I would be his assistant ever since I went to have dinner at his house. He also said that I should plan on staying here for a very very long time. He told me that he needs me to figure out what the mission needs to change so that we can baptize 1,000 people this year. We are working on it. I think the key will be to go on lots of exchanges and train the leaders. Please pray that I will be able to learn all that I need to quickly.

We taught the Colon family last night. They are my favorite family in the mission. I was teaching them in Houston 8 and then we passed them off to Houston 4 so now I get them again. Last night I asked how they felt about baptism and he said he is really close to being baptized but that he just needs a couple more seconds. Please pray for them!

I love you all. Sorry I didn't have a chance to write. It has been a little hectic. We should be able to write on Monday though. Oh and we drive a 2013 Tacoma. Life is good.


Elder Case

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