Monday, August 5, 2013

Turning the Hearts to the Fathers and the Children

Dear Family,

This has been another wonderful week full of Gospel learning and being taught by the Spirit. Last night we went to one of my favorite families in my area. It is the Navarro family. They all reactivated (except the father) in February before I got here and now are one of the most solid families in the ward. We taught them about Family History about a month ago and when we did it with them they found a name and had it ready to bring to the temple. Last night when we stop by at 7:00 PM the all looked blurry eyed and proudly told us that as a family they had been working on family history since they got home from church at 3:00 PM. I was shocked. We haven't even talked with them since the first day we did it, but the Spirit of Elijah began working with them and their hearts have begun to be turned. It is pretty incredible.

They now have four names ready to take to the temple, three of which are male. They told me that they haven't been able to find someone yet who they trust enough to go to the temple and asked if I would do it and then come back and report to them the feelings and experiences I have. This will work wonderfully because I am going to the temple with the Colons in two weeks to do baptisms for the dead with them for the first time. They also will be bringing their own family names. What an honor and privilege we have as members of the church to go to the temples. As a missionary, the temple has come to mean much more because it represents the garners that the scriptures speak of. So after people are harvested (baptized) we then have to do all in our power to gather them in the garners (the temples) in order for them to have a real chance at staying active in the Gospel. That is the key.

Other that that, I read a talk this week entitled "The Divine Companionship" by Elder Holland. It really touched me. He talks about having a divine companionship in which we all get along with our companions but he talks even more about allowing the Spirit to be the senior companion in our companionship. That is the part that got me. I decided I was going to make a more concerted effort to invite, recognize and then follow the quiet promptings of the Spirit. It has been an incredible week because of that. As I have prayed and studied or taught and testified, their has been a difference. A new power and love and fervor has entered into my soul. 

I hope you all feel these same feelings. Continuing revelation is real. It comes all the time as we ask, seek and knock. Thank you for your prayers. I often think about how many people there are praying for me and my success. It makes it feel nearly impossible to ever doubt or lack the faith to see the miracle.

I love you and apologize for the short email. we are going to the alligator park again today.

Elder Case

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