Friday, June 15, 2012

First Week Down

Happy Father's Day! (to everyone that applies to...sorry Stephen)

I am loving my life here at the CCM! It is such a blessing to see Stephen so often. I think I saw him three days this week. I am learning more and more about how to be a missionary, how to teach, how to invite the Spirit, how to love, how to speak Spanish, and everything else.

Since Sunday is Father's Day, I thought it would be an appropriate time to tell you all that the building I spend all my class time in is the Parley P. Pratt building and the building I sleep in is the Rey L. Pratt (Parley's grandson) building. How fitting that the two buildings I spend all my time in are the only to Pratt buildings on campus. Just a little reminder to me each day that I have a wonderful father at home that has given me a great legacy to follow.

Today is my first real P-Day. It is different from other days in that I got to go to the temple this morning! It was so nice to be back as these past two weeks is the longest period of time I have gone without going to the temple since August. I realized today being back in that Holy House how much I have come to depend on the peace, knowledge, joy, and power that I gain while there. I also have the rest of the day to wash clothes, study, and finish up other little tasks. Sundays here are interesting. We have a wacky church schedule (like Mike and Lizzy) with Sacrament meeting at the end of the day. We have District Meeting, and Priesthood, a devotional at night, a lot of study time, and then we have Sunday Movie Night where we can watch talks by apostles that were given at the MTC. Last Sunday I watched a talk by Elder Holland entitled, "Missions Are Forever". It was the best talk I have ever heard. So powerful and inspiring.

I spend all of my personal time reading the Book of Mormon. I decided that I was going to read it start to finish before anything else on my mission. It has been such a blessing and I am learning so much more from reading it straight through as I can remember all about the past chapters and what everything means in context.

We found out that the "investigator" we have been teaching was really our second teacher. He is wonderful and brings a whole-nuther dynamic to the classroom. It is incredible to be on the Lord's errand and to devote all of my time to Him.

Thank you all for your prayers. I can feel them. I love you all and hope you are doing well.


Elder Case

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