Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Resurrection

Dear Family,

This has been an interesting week but one full of blessings. Thank you for your prayers for la familia Perez. On Monday we showed up for our appointment and had not been able to contact the members that are friends with them. We were outside knocking on the door and Brother and Sister Martinez walked up with their dog! It was such a miracle. They said that they saw us and wanted to know if they could come to the appointment with us. I like the definition of "coincidence" that says a coincidence is merely a miracle in which God remains anonymous. Their testimonies brought the Spirit so strongly. They loved the Restoration and recognized the feelings of the Holy Ghost as we taught. They said that they wanted to be baptized but needed more time to consider and learn. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to see them since Monday but should see them tomorrow or Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, I went and studied with President Ashton and Elder Williams (my ZL companion). It was my last study with President Ashton of my mission but boy it was a good one. After the study I went to the dentist and had my crown/root canal. That lasted four hours. Elder Aiono came with me and was taking pictures on the phone and telling the doctor what to do the whole time. It was really funny. While that was happening, Elder Nielsen was packing because he was transferred to Brazos to be Elder Williams companion. There were two missionaries that went home mid-transfer because they extended and there was a need for a missionary. Since we had three, they took Elder Nielsen away. Now it is just Elder Cruz and I. He goes home on Tuesday (a week from tomorrow) and then I will get my 11th companion in this area. The ward thinks that I just send all my companions away and can't figure out how I am still here.

We studied the Resurrection with President Ashton. We had a question from 2 Nephi 9:8.

 8 O the awisdom of God, his bmercy and cgrace! For behold, if the dflesh should rise no more our spirits must become subject to that angel who efell from before the presence of the Eternal God, and became the fdevil, to rise no more.

Our question was how come we become subject to the Devil if we rise no more or in other words, if there is no resurrection. President taught us that it is through the Resurrection that we become subject to Christ:
 5 Yea, I know that ye know that in the body he shall show himself unto those at Jerusalem, from whence we came; for it is expedient that it should be among them; for it behooveth the great aCreator that he bsuffereth himself to become csubject unto man in the flesh, and ddie for eall men, that all men might become subject unto him.
 6 For as adeath hath passed upon all men, to fulfil the merciful bplan of the great Creator, there must needs be a power of cresurrection, and the resurrection must needs come unto man by reason of the dfall; and the fall came by reason of etransgression; and because man became fallen they were fcut off from the gpresence of the Lord.

Anyways, it was wonderful and I learned so much and gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is no wonder that the Bible Dictionary says, "To obtain a resurrection with a celestial, exalted body is the center point of hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection of Jesus is the most glorious of all messages to mankind."
How wonderful it is to know that we will see our loved ones again. I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is my Savior and King. I love the testimonies of the Apostles in this month's Ensign.
“I am a witness of the Resurrection of the Lord as surely as if I had been there in the evening with the two disciples in the house on Emmaus road. I know that He lives as surely as did Joseph Smith when he saw the Father and the Son in the light of a brilliant morning in a grove of trees in Palmyra. …
“… I so testify as a witness of the risen Savior and our Redeemer.”
- President Henry B. Eyring

“I know that God is our Father. He introduced His Son, Jesus Christ, to Joseph Smith. I declare to you that I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He lives. He was born in the meridian of time. He taught His gospel and was tried. He suffered and was crucified and resurrected on the third day. He, like His Father, has a body of flesh and bone. He made His Atonement. Of Him I bear witness. Of Him I am a witness.”
- President Boyd K. Packer
Though I have not seen the Resurrected Savior, I am grateful for the witness of the Holy Ghost that has confirmed to me that He does live. I am also grateful that I know that these men are special witnesses that He does live. And until that day "when he shall appear [and] we shall cbe like him, for we shall see him as he is", I will continue to strive to become like the Savior and help all those around me to do the same.
I love you,
Elder Case

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