Monday, June 3, 2013

Blessings of the Gospel

Assistants and President Ashton

Dear Family,

Thank you for your prayers and love. I continue to grow in my gratitude for the blessings of the Gospel that I have enjoyed my entire life. On Saturday, we were on exchanges down in League City (which is really close to where I was serving in Clear Lake) and Elder Nottingham and I went and visited one of the families he used to teach when he was in that area. The lady was a single mother, she was really sick and a chain-smoker, she just lost her job about a month ago, her son died in a car accident about 6 months ago (it sounded like he was drunk driving), her 16 year-old daughter dropped out of high school when she was 16 becuase she had a baby and she now lives with her boyfriend. As we walked away from her home, we just looked at each other and talked about how incredibly grateful we are for the Gospel in our lives. President Ashton has been teaching us a lot about how the Gospel provides protection for us. I know that to be true.

Things continue to go well. Aicha Colon's baptism was a very special experience for me. It was powerful to see Eduardo exercise his newly recieved priesthood to bless him family and as I confirmed Aicha (first confirmation I have ever done) I was able to feel of the love that Heavenly Father has for her.

President and Sister Ashton's parents both came for the baptism. I asked Brother Ashton if he knew Jim Updike to which he said, "Oh I could tell you some stories". I don't know what that meant but it sounded interesting.

As a mission, we are baptizing more than we have ever since President Ashton has been here. In the past week, I went to Haley's baptism, Aicha's baptism, and then we went to another baptism of Elder Leavitt's investigators in his old area (3 people were baptized). We are being blessed greatly as a mission and it is neat to be a part of it.

Please continue to pray for Cario (that she can change her schedule and keep the Sabbath Day Holy) and John (that he can understand the Priesthood and have a desire to be baptized).

I know that this work is true. I love you all and pray for you frequently.


Elder Case

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