Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hi Family,

I love you all and am grateful for your prayers. I hope you know that they are being answered! We had a lesson yesterday with Charles (15 year-old whose mom wouldn't let him get baptized) and she had a change of heart and now he is getting baptized on November 17! We are so excited for him. I know that this was an answer to prayers.

My new companion is Elder Evertsen from Murray, UT. He is awesome. We have been working hard and enjoying the mission life. It is kind of weird and kind of fun to be training. It is weird because sometimes I just don't know what to do and I can't look to Elder Barajas anymore. It is fun because we are both so new and the only thing we know how to do is what it says in Preach My Gospel (which works) so we are hoping to see a lot of success. I think my Spanish will drastically improve as a result of this. I have already been greatly blessed to be able to understand. I have always been able to understand better than I could speak, but now God has made it so that I can understand everything when someone is speaking to me. Words I don't know and have never seen or heard before make perfect sense and I am able to communicate as much as is necessary to move this work forward.

I have become increasingly more grateful for the Holy Ghost and for His comfort, guidance, and quiet whispers. What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to have a member of the Godhead so close to us.

In other news, yesterday during sacrament meeting, there was a black lady out in the foyer that looked lost so after sacrament we went and talked to her. She was wearing a Republican elephant watch and told us that she wanted to join the Mormon church and get baptized. We skipped Sunday school to talk with her in the chapel until the english missionaries came. It was an interesting discussion but she told us she had the gift of tongues and could prophesy. She then spoke in "tongues" (which just sounded like one of the African languages) and said that she had just prophesied that Mitt Romney would win the election. Good news for all you involved in that. It made me grateful for the fact that I know of a quote (can't remember if it was Joseph Smith or Brigham Young, Philip can tell you) about how whenever there is the gift of tongues there is also the gift of the interpretation of tongues. It is so amazing to know that the knowledge that we have of the Gospel and of God is actually correct. That it is true. That is why I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost.

I love you all!

Elder Case

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