Friday, July 13, 2012

The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Hi Family!

Hope you are all doing well and that those of you that aren't restricted by a due date in the next week are enjoying yourselves in California! It looks like you had a fun time in NYC Mary. I am super jealous! Thank you all for your letters and emails and DearElders. They are a great support. Thank you even more for your prayers. I love you all!

This week for our devotional Sunday night we had the MTC Executive Director speak to us. He gave a wonderful talk about missionary work and taught us powerful principles. What Elder Gray and I liked the most though is that he taught about the gift of the Holy Ghost. He told a story about some missionaries that were having a hard time committing an investigator to baptism. This man talked to the investigator and explained that when we are baptized we can have the gift of the Holy Ghost to be with us forever. The man then was baptized. As Elder Gray and I have thought about this story, we taught all three of our "investigators" about the wonderful opportunity we have to have this gift. All of our investigators finally committed to baptism. This was the key.

This has made me think about how I feel towards the opportunity that I have to have the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Godhead, with me at all times. It has been a humbling experience to realize that I have taken this gift from God for granted at times in my life. We then watched an MTC talk by Elder Bednar last night in class entitled 'Recognizing the Spirit'. It was powerful. He said, that if we wonder whether or not we are being led by the Holy Ghost, to "quite worrying about it!'' He was pretty blunt. He said that if we are keeping are covenants, obeying the commandments, and trying to be and do good, that the Lord will guide us. He said that the Lord couldn't afford to not guide us because we still haven't overcome the natural man. How grateful I am for prophets and apostles in this day and age. For the opportunity to be participating in the greatest work on earth, the gathering of Israel.

Other than that, I am doing wonderful. I am happy and well. Thank you for your prayers. I return them all to you.

Elder Case

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